Zone 12 - Glass Canyon


GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Usual strat Hot RodCustom SUV
GCXboxPS260Hz Custom Pickup RST Strat Custom Pickup
Enable the Runaway mode and choose the Custom Pickup using Automatic Transmission. Do the fastest RST possible (using 60hz you should release the brake the exact moment the 1 appears on the timer and it should go up to about 165-170mph), go into the drift without using the brake. After the curve you should go close to the rail on the very left lane. Face the impact coming a little from a left angle. This is done to make the Custom Pickup flying in between the very left and middle parked bus.
  • Example Vid 1
  • Example Vid 2

  • Scenario:
    In ideal circumstances both buses flip/move, also to catch the 3rd bus to get a 19 multiplier. The Vans and Boxtrucks should get spooked and slide into the invisible wall. The smaller vehicles should slide into the other invisible wall and at the end 2 trucks should appear (Logtruck and Flatbed).
    This strat is not so easy to pull of and will require pratice to get there in time without missing the car and to trigger the needed 2 trucks often. It won't work out flipping the bus on each try, getting both buses flipped is rare. Also you won't catch the 19 multiplier always and only with pratice you will be able to trigger the needed 2 trucks more often. A very good "2 truck" appearance rate is a about 60-70%.

    Version differences:
    This strat is only working using 60hz, cause using 50hz no trucks will appear. Cause of the different physics the busflips will more likely work out using Xbox, cause using Gamecube physics the Custom Pickup often tends to get too much/less air. Also it seems, that the Vans/Boxtrucks are less likely to slide into the wall using Xbox cause of small car parts dropping off and stopping them. But using lighter Xbox physics will make the trucks unfold easier again at wall. With heavier Gamecube physics the trucks are more likely to stay folded, which could be easier to make them glitch. However, most people prefer the Xbox version.

    The "Custom Pickup RST" strat is also the prefered one for high non-glitch scores. Also, like already mentioned, the Xbox Version is more likely to get you high non-glitch scores cause of the easier working out busflips. However the best known non-glitch score was achieved using the usual strat with Custom SUV (113 million).

    To have a better control right after the take-off, move the car a little to the right or left (depends on what you are used too). The key to get this strat working is the RST, you have to be very precise to hit the timing for a very fast one.

    Alternative strat:
    Check Coupe-strat or usual strat.

    To this day the difference between the best "Custom Pickup RST" score and the World Record is still huge. Most likely the limited 19 multiplier is the reason, as using the usual strat can give you a higher multiplier. On the World Record 2 busflips happened, 2 Tarp trucks appeared, where one of them glitched, and a 22 multiplier happened. That is also what happened on the best known non-glitch score, just without the glitch. In other words "usual" strat vs "Custom Pickup RST" strat 2:0.
    Also there wasn't found a constantly way to get 2 trucks using "late start" (and the Custom Pickup). This might be something, which can be worked on in the future to replace the usual way without using "late start".
  • Example Video "Late Start"

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  • Highest Damage $7,848,488
  • Highest Multiplier: 21
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    7,848,488 x 21 = 164,818,248
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz DHS Strat Custom Pickup