Zone 2 - Coastal Crush


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GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Trailer-hit + Busspin Scenario Supercar
Enable the Runaway mode and choose the Supercar with Manual Transmission. Do a fast RST about 180-200mph (it will depend on how fast you are shifting gears and how much speed you gain and how much pratice you have on that zone), straighten your car right at take-off and try to not loose much speed, instead try to gain speed. Close to the end, when the road starts to bend, go closer to the rail and try to crash the big grey truck into its back.
  • Example Video

  • Scenario:
    The reason you are doing it as described is, to get a certain scenario, where the trailer-truck (the one you crash into) gets into a position to be kicked by the glitching big grey truck. Also, using this method, the buses should get closer to the glitching truck to get them kicked/spin.
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  • Keep in mind that those scenarios won't happen often. Actually, they are rare. But those "trailer-hit + busspin" scenarios are the best ones you can get on this zone. A trailer-hit alone can go up to 7-8 million of damage.

    Version differences:
    For this strat it is recommended to use 60hz. Cause using lighter 50hz physics wont make the Supercar bounce off as good from the 1st big grey truck flying over and fold the 2nd big grey truck. This is done easier using 60hz.
    It also isn't really known, if Gamecube or Xbox is better to recreate that "trailer-hit + busspin", You might try both versions and see for yourself, which one is working out better for you.

    For the best non-glitch scores you don't have to be that accurate creating that specific "trailer-hit + busspin" scenario, but it should be basically that strat mentioned. Gamecube version tends to give good scores more often, but the Xbox version can be as good.

    Expert Tip:
    According to Crashfreak, on the Xbox version you have to hit the truck almost into its back tires to recreate that scenario. If you have problems to recreate this, try to come from a sharper right facing angle and on impact steer to the right. For the Gamecube version close to the middle. See what will work out for you.

    Alternative strat:
    There is no real alternative to this strat which could match the same potential. You still can get scores into the Top-25 using other strats or without recreating that scenario exactly like mentioned.

    The World Record seems to be a pretty strong one. But if someone could get a glitch with a very good trailer-hit and 1-2 fast busspins, this zone is even good for a score above 500 million. What could help too, is a higher multiplier than the usual 18-19 multi.

    Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $22,949,720
  • Highest Multiplier: 23
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    22,949,720 x 23 = 527,843,560