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This website is dedicated to highscores in Crash Mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It lists the top 25 best known scores for each zone, best available videos and many other statistics.

Scores have been taken from the old www.superhighscore.com website, Xbox Live, www.cyberscore.net, www.vgr-fr.com, www.youtube.com and other rankings, vids and records found on the World Wide Web.

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WCR News

December 13, 2020 - 10:17:29

Mr. Vette got 79,7 million on Glass Canyon/12 and entered the Top-25 on 25th place. Now there are only 2 zones left he is missing a PR (6 and 28).
On the Overall Ranking he finally climbed into the Top-10 and on the Totals he beat the 4,2 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 12 - 79,7 million
  • Top 25 - Glass Canyon/12
  • December 11, 2020 - 21:14:51

    Progress on the Barrier-Strat, Freeze Scores are back and a new best Video for Glass Canyon

    Progress on the Barrier-Strat:
    This is going to be a little bigger news update than usual. First we will start with the progress on the barrier-strat on Double Back Damage/28. Last weekend Mr. Vette found that strat working and beat the 200 million mark using the barrier-grind-glitch. Yesterday after a few days without activity he was able to quickly improve those scores to 282,1 million, then only 15 minutes later to even 310,8 million. At this level it looked like a much quicker progress on the damage than anyone thought. He still kept playing and got already a 372,2 million score later. At this point LEEK701X joined and only after 10 minutes he was able to beat Mr. Vettes score with a 401,7 million glitch (50,2mil x 8). The vids showed, that even a higher damage was possible, something in the 80 million marks, but as it is sometimes very hard to estimate or predict, what the maximum score with a "new" glitch can be, already today LEEK701X almost reached that damage. He got 74,0 million damage and a 592,5 million score. Now 100 million damage just seems like a matter of time and it looks like it won't even be the limit.
    Those last 24 hours showed, it was the right decision to disallow scores using the barried-grind glitch for the default rankings. Beside the sink-glitch and the DHS it is the third kind of glitch which won't count for the default rankings. As right now there is no ranking for the barrier-glitch on the webiste, it will be listed as a sink-glitch and can be viewed under the Top-25 of Double Back Damage/28.
    I've also added a link below to the playlist with all vids using the barrier-strat.

  • Video Zone 28 - 592,5 million
  • Barrier-Strat Ranking (scroll down) - Double Back Damage/28
  • Video Playlist Barrier-Strat

  • Freeze Scores are back:
    On July 14th 2013 freeze-scores have been removed from the default rankings. It affected 3 scores (3 World Records) at that time, and another one followed just 1 month after the remove. On the news back then it said "The main reason these scores are taken out of the rankings is, that there is just too little knowledge about those big freeze scores." Well, already 7 years have gone now and there is not a single evidence that the damage counter glitched showing wrong/random numbers, which seems like the only plausible reason. This means Out of Control Tower, Surf Shocker and Double Back Damage have a "new" World Record as from now. I will soon (could take some time as i currently don't crash) write a longer news update on that topic.

    New best Video for Glass Canyon:
    Last but not least there is a new best video available for Glass Canyon/12. Crashfreak got 142,4 million and beat the 2 years old best video by himself by 0,4 million. As it was only a tiny improvement, he remains on the 2nd spot for that zone.

  • Video Zone 12 - 142,4 million
  • Top 25 - Glass Canyon
  • December 7, 2020 - 20:54:15

    December 7, 2020 - 19:18:07

    There has been some strat-progress on Double Back Damage/28. Already in 2013 sparker599 found you can push the truck into the barrier, which splits the road to the wall. The truck stucks into the barrier and the grind is creating damage. It is a little bit like the rail-glitch on Avalanche/13 or the well known sink-glitch, just that it didn't seem to create that much damage to get relevant scores, also cause the multiplier was low with 8 vehicles. Yesterday Mr. Vette was trying around with that strat and got a damage of 25,2 million which resulted in a 201,9 million score, which would be currently even worth the 14th spot on the Top-25. Later he even was able to improve that score to 223,9 million (27,9 x 8).

    We quickly decided to disallow scores using the barrier-strat and to list them separately, as no one really wants to see the truck-flying glitch being replaced by another sink-like glitch. As the past showed there could be some progress on the strat, like getting even a better multiplier or finding a way making it work better/more often. Or someone just gets really lucky and creates some sink-like damages. And then you would end with huge scores like they were done with the sink-glitches and you would have to discuss another time if those scores should count. And to prevent this from happening scores using the barrier-grind-glitch won't count for the default rankings. That's it for now, see ya next time.

  • Video Zone 28 - 223,9 million
  • Video Zone 28 - 201,9 million
  • December 5, 2020 - 19:14:47

    November 17, 2020 - 17:58:16

    October 1, 2020 - 08:18:03

    September 4, 2020 - 16:23:24

    Crashfreak succeed to even improve his 676,2 million PR on Out of Control Tower/3 he got earlier this year. Unfortuntely it was only a 3 million better score (679,0mil) and the stream just crashed before the glitch, so there is no live video of. With 37,7 million damage he also got the 2nd best damage ever on that zone. On the Top-25 he remains on the 2nd place.

  • Video Zone 3 - 679,0 million
  • Top 25 - Out of Control Tower/3
  • September 2, 2020 - 13:05:13

    Anthony Burnout got 59,9 million on Pacific Peril/4 and climbed from 12th onto 9th place (previous PR 52,3mil). It was his 1st PR since 14 months and he is the 12th Crasher getting a PR in 2020.
    On The Totals he beat the 6,2 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 4 - 59,9 million
  • Top 25 - Pacific Peril/4
  • August 27, 2020 - 07:21:59

    August 22, 2020 - 19:08:51

    August 21, 2020 - 17:26:10

    Crashfreak improved his PR on Dangerous Curve/20 two times yesterday and got close to the World Record. First he got a 94,5 million only being 80k away from climbing onto the 2nd spot, he then later got a 99,0 million score missing the World Record by 1,2 million only. On the Top-25 he passed CoastalCrusher and climbed onto the 2nd spot (previous PR 93,8 million). It was his 5th + 6th PR in 2020.

  • Video Zone 20 - 99,0 million
  • Video Zone 20 - 94,5 million
  • Top 25 - Dangerous Curve/20
  • August 15, 2020 - 20:24:26

    August 10, 2020 - 22:11:00

    The "Crashing-the-date" ritual delivers, new World Record on Hairpin Havoc/10!
    No other than Crashfreak got 125,8 million and beat his own 3 years and 8 months old World Record by 5,3 million (120,5mil). It is already the 4th time he beat the World Record on that zone. Also it was his 4th PR in 2020 and the 2nd one during the "Crashing-the-date" month.
    Altogether this was the 3rd World Record for the Crash Mode community happening in 2020 after Mr. Vette beat 2 times the WR on Pacific Peril/4.

    And another good score happened today. LEEK701X got 325,5 million on Dip Disaster/6 and finally entered the Top-25 on 5th place. He is now only missing the Top-25 on 2 Zones. Those are Catch Up Chaos/24 and Double Back Damage/28.
    On the Totals he also finally beat the 5 billion mark standing now at $5,155,960,140.

  • Video Zone 10 - 125,8 million
  • Top 25 - Hairpin Havoc/10

  • Video Zone 6 - 325,5 million
  • Top 25 - Dip Disaster/6
  • August 9, 2020 - 18:26:10

    Brainkiller007 was also able to beat his PR on Pacific Peril/4 using the new strat. He got 92,1 million which is only a 24k improvement to his previous PR (92,118mil). On the Top-25 he remains on the 5th spot. It was his 3rd PR in 2020.

  • Video Zone 4 - 92,1 million
  • Top 25 - Pacific Peril/4