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WCR News

October 1, 2019 - 22:16:16

September 26, 2019 - 14:43:05

Hello dear readers. I already mentioned, that sometimes i will release my current thoughts about Crash Mode on the news, or if i think, it is worth, that more people read about developments on Crash Mode. I took some time to write this article and i hope, i didn't forget something and explained things well. So this is the subject for todays article:

About the well folded truck and how much it seems to affect the power/frequency of a glitch.

When i played Ridge Riot/8 in August, after some time i realized, that the truck was folded (it can't fold in a better angle), but it just didn't glitch (good). Of course the slow traffic is a factor there. But the "Oval" strat can give a lot of different folding scenarios but only some create a well folded truck. To shortly explain a well folded truck: A trucks trailer also needs to bend towards the cab. Now it seems the more the trailer is bend towards the cab, the more powerful and more frequent a glitch will be.

After Ridge Riot/8 i started to play Ballistic Beach/15 and i used a way coming from a path left of the road crashing/foldind the truck. I got a lot of good glitches quickly and even powerful ones. Then i started to use a path closer to the road, cause Crashfreak mentioned, that's how he does it. He gave me that tip, cause with the way i did before, coming more from the left, it often gave me a scenario were rarely both buses were beside the truck (using Xbox 60hz). But with that path closer to the road it created sometimes a scenario were both buses were close to the truck, to get them both kicked on a glitch.
Of course that means, that the angle crashing into the trucks cab is smaller, cause you are coming/crashing from a path closer to the road. Also less power can be used on impact time to fold the truck cause of the smaller angle. The truck will still fold often. But quickly i realized that the glitches were missing, not happening that frequently and not being that powerful like before.
Me and Anthony got both very powerful glitches on our PRs not using a path that close to the road. Crashfreak had a few good scores over 200 million but none of those glitches were as powerful as mine and Anthonys. So i came to the conclusion, that the power and frequency of the glitch depends much onto, how well a truck is folded. This depends on which strat is used and even small details can make a/the difference. Just to throw this in here, another time Crash Mode glitches doesn't seem as lucky as someone will think.

To tighten this theory: I then thought, that could mean, that lighter physics could easier fold a truck, making it glitch better/more often. Cause in all those years sometimes people mentioned, they think that the Xbox version (with lighter physics) glitches better/often. On some zones/strats it is even like that. For example on Downtown Destruction/22 using the "Trailer"-strat with Xbox physics, the truck will move more often. I mentioned this theory within the community and Crashfreak could even approve, that he saw the Xbox version glitching more powerful on early glitches. With "early glitch" it is meant, that the truck folds and glitches quickly. That will more likely be the case using lighter physics.
Just an example were this could be helpful. On Surf Shocker/21 using the "Hot Rod" strat there is almost like no time for the truck to glitch (it also happens like never). What even confirms my theory using that example, RedderBattle639 used Xbox 50hz (the lightest possible physics) on his big freeze glitch he got (the only big glitch ever happening on this zone/using this strat). Coincidence?

So next time take a close look onto the truck and how well a strat allows to fold the truck. Even small/tiny details can and will make a difference.

September 25, 2019 - 19:39:06

New World Record on Pacific Peril/4!
Brainkiller007 got 92,1 million and beat the 11 years old WR from SpiritxRubi by 21 million (71,5mil). Which by the way was the only girl ever holding a World Record on the WCR. On the Top-25 Brainkiller007 climbed from 3rd onto 1st place (previous PR 60,7mil). It was his 2nd PR this year and overall, after Crashfreaks Zone 21 WR, the 2nd World Record in 2019.
He also beat the 4 months old best Xbox 50hz video from Crashfreak by 30 million (62,0mil).
On the Totals he beat the 6,9 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 4 - 92,1 million
  • Top 25 - Pacific Peril/4
  • September 15, 2019 - 10:58:26

    Crashfreak got 221,3 million on Twilight Turmoil/25 and climbed from 4th onto 2nd place (previous PR 165,7mil). It was his 9th PR this year. Now the only zone left he isn't ranked within the Top-3 is Dip Disaster/6.
    On the Totals he beat the 7,4 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 25 - 221,3 million
  • Top 25 - Twilight Turmoil/25
  • September 13, 2019 - 14:37:18

    September 8, 2019 - 20:08:50

    Crashfreak got 150,1 million on Sandstorm Shredder/7 and climbed from 7th onto 3rd place (previous PR 123,2mil) getting rid of his worst Top-25 spot. Currently he is only missing the Top-3 spots on 2 zones! Those 2 zones are Dip Disaster/6 and Twilight Turmoil/25, each ranked on the 4th spot.

  • Video Zone 7 - 150,1 million
  • Top 25 - Sandstorm Shredder/7
  • September 4, 2019 - 18:05:11

    September 3, 2019 - 14:40:32

    August 17, 2019 - 22:27:21

    August 16, 2019 - 20:23:27

    MKrawnis already throws in his 2nd PR this year. On Criss Cross Crush/18 he got 65,0 million and climbed from 23rd onto 12th place (previous PR 56,1mil).
    On the Overall Rankings he climbed from #9 to #8 and on the Totals he beat the 4,7 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 18 - 65,0 million
  • Top 25 - Criss Cross Crush/18
  • August 15, 2019 - 10:02:30

    MKrawnis also got his 1st PR in 2019 and is the 6th Crasher with at least 1 PR this year. On Downtown Destruction/22 he got 180,4 million and climbed from 9th onto 5th spot (previous PR 139,9mil).
    He only needs 1 spot to climb on the Overall Rankings and 8 million to beat the 4,7 billion mark on the Totals.

  • Video Zone 22 - 180,4 million
  • Top 25 - Downtown Destruction/22
  • August 15, 2019 - 06:53:06

    August 13, 2019 - 08:59:37

    August 4, 2019 - 20:33:23

    Crashfreak got 528,2 million on Freeway Fury/9 and missed the World Record for 16 million only. On the Top-25 he remains on 2nd place (previous PR 445,7mil). But he got the biggest damage ever on a glitch with 52,8 million! The previous best was also done by him on the same zone with 44,5 million of damage.
    He also beat the best Xbox 60hz video for that zone, which was his own 398,1 million score from over 3 years ago.
    On the Totals be beat the 7,3 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 9 - 528,2 million
  • Top 25 - Freeway Fury/9
  • August 3, 2019 - 23:20:36

    4th PR for CoastalCrusher in 2019. On Sandstorm Shredder/7 he got 125,8 million and climbed from 13th onto 5th place (previous PR 113,2mil). It is currently his 25th PR ranked within a Top-10. Missing Zones are 9, 12, 14, 23 and 29.

  • Video Zone 7 - 125,8 million
  • Top 25 - Sandstorm Shredder/7