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This website is dedicated to highscores in Crash Mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It lists the top 25 best known scores for each zone, best available videos and many other statistics.

Scores have been taken from the old www.superhighscore.com website, Xbox Live, www.cyberscore.net, www.vgr-fr.com, www.youtube.com and other rankings, vids and records found on the World Wide Web.

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WCR News

August 25, 2022 - 17:32:31

Day 3 on the Crash-off challenge on Sandstorm Shredder/7 and we got the first score over 80 million. Larvistar got a 82,5 million score, also LEEK701X and Nikcolin were able to improve their scores.

Current Ranking:
82,5 - LarviStar (Dolphin)
77,2 - Brainkiller007
74,9 - LEEK701X
72,1 - Assassin Sports
48,6 - Nikcolin
41,3 - sparker599

  • Crash-off Challenge - Spreadsheet
  • August 24, 2022 - 12:02:05

    After 2 days on the Crash-off challenge on Sandstorm Shredder/7 the 80 million mark still wasn't beaten. Larvistar and sparker599 were able to improve theis scores, also LEEK701X joined the challenge. Brainkiller007s 75,9 million score was the best of the day.

    Current Ranking:
    77,2 - Brainkiller007
    72,1 - Assassin Sports
    66,6 - LarviStar (Dolphin)
    65,0 - LEEK701X
    41,7 - Nikcolin
    41,3 - sparker599

  • Crash-off Challenge - Spreadsheet
  • August 23, 2022 - 17:11:04

    New World Record on Rattlesnake Row/5!
    LEEK701X got 461,6 million and beat the over 6 years old record from Brainkiller007 by 73 million (388,5mil). It is already his 3rd WR he got within the last 2,5 months and the 5th time he improved his PR on Rattlesnake Row/ within 2 months. On the Top-25 he climbed from the 3rd onto 1st spot (previous PR 381,1mil) and on the Totals he stands currently at $6,094,581,560.

    And a few words about the unpredictability of damages on trailers, it is estimated that the "Big Blue" truck went approximately for some 17 million of damage!
    Also an overall statistic, it is already the 8th zone with a WR over 400 million and the Total on the "Best Videos" list beat the 8,8 billion mark ($8,809,810,928). The long history of Burnout 2 Crash Mode records continues, see ya on the next news!

  • Video Zone 5 - 461,6 million
  • Top 25 - Rattlesnake Row/5
  • Best Vids
  • August 23, 2022 - 13:30:38

    Yesterdays start into the 2 weeks lasting Crash-off challenge on Sandstorm Shredder/7 was rather easy and slow. 5 Crashers provided a score, the top one being 77,0 million by Brainkiller007.

    Current Ranking:
    77,2 - Brainkiller007
    72,1 - Assassin Sports
    54,2 - LarviStar (Dolphin)
    41,7 - Nikcolin
    33,9 - sparker599

    And on the strat guide last about zone 7 week i forgot to mention sparker599s Trailer-strat he found already some years ago. The idea of the strat is surely a great one, but most Crashers were still not convinced by, possibly the scenarios not being that convincing or hard to recreate and/or some good glitch missing really showing the potential of that strat.
    Here is a small introduction written by sparker599:

    "A strat that hasn't been used much is the trailer-strat. It involves drifting around the traffic and hitting the longnose tarp truck from the right side.

    The trailer-strat has the following advantages:
    the trailer of the longnose tarp truck is will take more damage than with the other strats because crash into that trailer.
    potential for earlier glitches, even before slow motion ends.
    the tanker could be crushed between the rail and the glitching longnose tarp truck.

    50hz is recommended for this strat.
    You can drive either in front of the red pickup truck or behind it. Driving in front will allow you to crash earlier and seems to give good scenarios more often. Driving behind it will let you gain more speed before crashing."

  • Youtube Playlist - Trailer-strat

  • WCR Crash-off - Google Spreadsheet
  • August 18, 2022 - 20:48:43

    New challenge!

    After the success of the CTD last month the idea for a new challenge was born, which spontaneously will start this monday and is going to last for 2 weeks. The idea was to pick a single zone and try to get the best score in a certain amount of time, kinda like a Crash-off that last for 2 weeks.

    The zone the challenge will happen on is Sandstorm Shredder/7, which also was a spontaneous choice. But also cause there is no video of the current World Record, so you can also see this as a WR attempt by the whole community or as a event to crash together with other Crasher fellows. You can join this challenge just for a single day or the days you find time to crash, or you can take part each day. My idea is currently to release news each day about the days best score, but also to list a small overall ranking. Of course everyone is welcome and if you want to take part at, just click the link to the spreadsheet and fill in your name by yourself. And for the day you took part, just fill in your days highest score.

  • Google Spreadsheet

  • Also a small guide into which strategies are recommended to use. The "Custom SUV 16 multi" strat is the one already used since the early days. Using that strat very rarely it happened that even the 2nd bus slided into the pile-up. This was done by pushing the Boxtruck far enough to get the vehicles behind slide and pass the Boxtruck. In the last 3 years this developed into a way to make this happen more often by pushing the Boxtruck far enough away. And the car mostly used for is the Custom Coupe, Custom Sport or even the Oval Racer works.
    I did not use this start for quite some time now and my memories about are rusty, but on the video info i mentioned how to recreate it.

  • Brainkiller007s Method

  • Crashfreak likes to use the Custom Sport but says his way is just adjusted for the Gamecube 60hz version. Just smoke the wheels at beginning, go straight for just a split second, and then aim for the crashing spot, and try to steer as less as possible, to gain the highest speed possible, and then crash the Boxtruck exactly in that area between the cab and cargo area. Crashreak mentioned the angle and how you hit the boxtruck is very important. According to him the success rate for a 2-bus scenario is at 20-30%, but you surely need some skill and practice to reach that success rate.

  • Crashfreaks Method

  • Just 2 months ago Mr. Vette also uploaded a video with his method using Gamecube 50hz, just read the info on the video for details.

  • Mr. Vettes Method

  • Or you can also just go with the old Custom SUV way, but a 2-bus scenario will be very very rare, mostly possible with using lighter Xbox physics to push the Boxtruck far enough. Using 60hz is mostly prefered using that way.

  • Youtube Playlist - Custom SUV Strat

  • And just this week, as an alternative and completely different strat, you can also use SpyKids strat he achieved a 116 million score just 2 days ago.

  • SpyKids "driving the curve" Strat

  • Below you will also find a link to a playlist with all 2-bus scenario vids on Youtube + an image collection of good scenarios on Imgur.

  • Youtube Playlist - 2-Bus Scenarios
  • Image Collection - 2-Bus Scenarios

  • Happy Crashing and good luck!

    August 16, 2022 - 21:30:11

    New non-glitch World Record on Sandstorm Shredder!
    Already 3 months ago LEEK701X got 45,8 million and beat the over 9,5 years old score from BoneCrasherMania1 by 1,5 million (44,3mil). As there is a very tiny "truck move" happening on the crash, i was unsure about to count it for the non-glitch category and deffered reviewing the video until today. So that is why there is a 3 month delay, sorry about that.
    By the way just today SpyKid was also able to beat BoneCrasherMania1s score and got 44,8 million (link below). Also from now on i will mention new World Records on the different categories like non-glitch, sink-glitches or barrier-grinds on the news, as those surely deserve more attention than in was the case in the past.

  • Video Zone 7 - 45,8 million
  • Video Zone 7 - 44,8 million
  • Best Non Glitch Videos

  • Also LarviStar put a statistic sheet for last months CTD together which includes a total and zone ranking, check it out on the link below.

  • CTD July 2022 - Statistic Sheet
  • August 16, 2022 - 15:38:50

    SpyKid got 116,9 million on Sandstorm Shredder/7 and entered the Top-25 on 12th place (previous PR 86,4mil). It was hist first PR after over 5 years and also his first Top-25 score ever. And by the way that 116 million score is also the first video ever with a score above 100 million using the so called "driving-the-curve" strat (for info, the best video before was a 98 million score). He also got an improvement on Long Distance Destruction/16 with 105,7 million (previous PR 90mil).
    On the Overall Ranking he is currently placed on #95.

  • Video Zone 7 - 116,9 million
  • Top 25 - Sandstorm Shredder/7

  • Pic Zone 16 - 105,7 million

  • WCR Profile - SpyKid
  • August 11, 2022 - 18:26:12

    July 31, 2022 - 17:54:59

    Make it 45 PRs and 31 news releases for the CTDM. The last PR comes from BurningICE, who got 100,6 million on Head On Highway/30.

  • Video Zone 30 - 100,6 million
  • July 31, 2022 - 13:49:00

    July 31, 2022 - 13:27:49

    The CTDM finished with a PR by sparker599 on Head On Highway/30 with a 105,9 million score (previous PR 84,7mil). It was his 6th PR that month.

  • Video Zone 30 - 105,9 million

  • Props to everyone providing a score for each zone/day, that would be LarviStar, Assassin Sports, Crashfreak, CoastalCrusher and sparker599. But also to all others who took part at: LEEK701X, mKrawnis, Mr. Vette, Taco, Nikcolin, Wave, BurningICE and Brainkiller007. With 13 participants it was by far the biggest CTD ever, in combined 44 new PRs happened (didn't count multiple ones for a single zone), 3 of those were new World Records, a 900 million + video for Out of Control Tower/3, all in all it was 8 Top-3 scores, on top another 3 more system specific best scores/videos, and with this last news there were 30 news releases altogether this month. LarviStar even documented how many time he spent on each zone, how many attempts he did and some more stats, just check the link to his chart below. That's it for now, see you soon.

  • LarviStar Statistics Chart
  • Crashing-the date Spreadsheet
  • July 30, 2022 - 14:06:10

    BurningICE seems on a good run recently. This time he got 127,5 million on Switch Back Shocker/29 and entered the Top-25 on the 5th spot. He also beat the best Xbox 60hz video for that zone, which was a 5 years old 125,0 million score by Crashfreak before.
    On the Overall Rankings he jumped from #94 to #38.

  • Video Zone 29 - 127,5 million
  • Top 25 - Switch Back Shocker/29
  • July 30, 2022 - 06:32:11

    Sparker599 got 91,1 million on Switch Back Shocker/29 and missed the Top-25 for 0,8 million only (previous PR 76,8mil). It was his 5th PR this month.

  • Video Zone 29 - 91,1 million
  • July 28, 2022 - 12:44:51

    4th PR for BurningICE within 4 days.
    On Heights Horror/27 he got 90,4 million and missed the Top-25 for 4 million only.

  • Video Zone 27 - 90,4 million
  • July 27, 2022 - 07:06:57

    Another 2 new PRs for Cross Traffic Crash/26.
    Assassin Sports improved his PR once again and got a new PR with 72,4 million entering even the Top-25 this time on 25th place (previous PR 61,6mil).

  • Video Zone 26 - 72,4 million
  • Top 25 - Cross Traffic Crash/26

  • But only 1 hour later BurningICE uploaded a 74,0 million video entering the Top-25 too on 24th place and Assassin Sports fell out of the Top-25 again.
    On the Overall Rankings BurningICE climbed from #128 to #94.

  • Video Zone 26 - 74,0 million
  • Top 25 - Cross Traffic Crash/26